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By Rick

Rick, owner of Walsall Locksmiths

Testimonials - 25/01/2021

As a small local locksmith business, I try to collect as many testimonials as possible from the Walsall to vouch for my workmanship and reliability. Looking after my customers is my number one priority as a locksmith and I will always do my best to help, even if it means pointing you in the direction of an alternative firm that can help out quicker or in the unlikely event they specialise in an area I'm unfamiliar with.

Updated: 25/01/2021

D.Singh, Walsall: "Very good locksmith, polite and punctual. Very good price and quick service."

P.Westwood, Bloxwich: "With all the break ins around the area we decided to call an expert to advise on the locks we had fitted. Rick explained the issues and we instructed him to sort it all out for us. Very pleased with the work and prices."

R.Briars, Walsall Wood: "After a previous locksmith ruined our door we called Rick for his opinion and assured us it was something he could repair. He went above and beyond to repair our botched door and it's now better than new."

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Rick - Your Local locksmith

Repairs To Door Locks

I've been providing a lock repair service for domestic and commercial customers across Walsall for twelve years, working with everyone from local landlords to the Police and HMRC with investigative work.

Lock repairs make up a large proportion of my work nowadays, particularly the more modern composite and upvc style doors which have complex locks prone to sticking and breaking. I also keep a large range of hardware in stock to complete the majority of lock repair work in a single visit.

Locks can be changed on any type of door and window and alternative upgrades are available for those looking to install the highest standard locks or those to meet insurance standards like three star anti snap locks.

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Burglary Repairs

Burglaries have been on the rise in Walsall in there last few years as vehicle thefts soar. The majority of break ins occur to steal the keys to luxury cars.

The most common form of entry is via lock snapping, whereby the handle and lock are broken away from the door to allow access. Replacing these parts is one of the more common jobs I complete in the Walsall area.

The recommended upgrades are anti snap locks and security handles to meet a three star rating. This is often required by insurance companies on all main doors to your home.

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